Romance Writing Prompts

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Do you want to write a sizzling romance, but don’t know where to start?

Here are 10 writing prompts to make your heart flutter

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1.) You are head-over-heels in love with your best friend, but he/she is struggling with depression. Explore how this romance affects you and the one you love.

2.) You can read minds and spend your days as a match-maker. Ironically, your ability hinders you from being able to find your true love.

3.) You are on your honeymoon when you find out that your new spouse is a convicted, violent felon.

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4.) I ordered the most expensive wine they had on the menu. It was high time that I started treating myself. . .

5.) A poetic florist decides to write love notes on behalf of his/her clients.

6.) I would never pretend that he loved me, but he was particularly tender the night I died. . .

7.) It wasn’t love at first sight . . .

8.) A book character falls in love with the author of their story.

9.) A gossip columnist becomes infatuated with one of his/her famous subjects. Unfortunately the expose project is coming to a close. How far will our reporter go to remain close to the celebrity of his/her dreams?

10.) Your best friend dies and leaves you a box of love letters. The letters are not dated and do not specify any names. Who are the letters for?

Here are some parting tips to help you get started

1.) Experiment with different genres.

2.) Combine these prompts with others to create an even more unique story.

3.) Try to add additional conflict outside of the main romance. Variety is engaging to readers.

4.) Try changing the historical setting of your piece. This can help you organically engender conflict.

5.) Create genuine chemistry. Let your readers and your characters spend some time together before introducing the romance.

6.) Have fun!

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