Fantasy Writing Prompts

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Fantasy has sustained imaginations since the beginning of story-telling. They serve our lust for adventure and allow us to escape the humdrum monotony of our daily lives.

Despite its fantastical nature, fantasy is the culmination of the human experience. This genre explores our desires, fears, dreams and interpersonal relationships.

Are you ready to take on this challenge?

Here are a handful of fantasy prompts to help get your creative juices flowing

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1.) You are a teacher of the magic arts and the Chosen One is in your class! Unfortunately, he/she is a bit of a handful. How can you tailor this child prodigy into the savior of your world?

2.) People think that orcs are a horrible, disgusting race, but . . .

3.) Your doomsday bunker is running low on provisions. As the eldest child, you must brave whatever lies outside your safe haven. How do your parents convince you to take this dangerous journey?

4.) Your character wants to do everything on his/her “bucket list.” But when he/she is kidnapped and shipped off to the unknown, there’s only one thing left on the list: survive.

fantasy is the culmination of the human experience
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5.) Everyone told you to stick to the path in the woods. You didn’t listen. Now you are lost in a forest rumored to harbor dragons.

6.) You landed a job as a gardener for a wealthy family. You are watering the flowers in the entry way when one of the plants calls out your name.

7.) “Mom, I am going to marry him! Just because he is an elf doesn’t mean . . . “

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8.) He is a cowboy from the wild west. She is a mythological goddess. What happens when they try to plan a baby shower for their closest friend?

9.) A secret society of misfits decides to launch their evil plan to take over the world. Over the years, they have learned to turn their greatest flaw into a strength. Create the head villain.

10.) Your twin has been awarded magic abilities. He/She can bend water. Water-bending had always been your dream, but the council says that you are not ready.

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Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you get started

1.) Know the setting of your story like the back of your hand. World building is a crucial part of keeping your reader engaged and anchoring them to the action. Try developing your world through short stories before you undertake a novel.

2.) Make internal rules for your world. This will make your world feel functional and realistic.

3.) Create a bullet list of plot points to help guide your story.

4.) Weave real-world problems into your conflict. While fantasy conflicts have their charm, they can sometimes feel forced. Writing about a problem that you are facing (or a problem that you are well-versed in) will help give your piece a sense of authenticity.

5.) Have fun!

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