Sci-Fi Writing Prompts

The Sci-Fi genre has been around almost as long as the novel (while most scholars agree that the modern novel was invented in the 18th century, The Tale of Genji and other novelesque pieces were written centuries earlier).

The earliest known Sci-Fi novel was written by Johannes Kepler in 1634. Somnium presented an imaginative description of how the Earth might have look when viewed from the Moon.

Science Fiction has crept it’s way up to be one of the most widely received genres in the world. It is a genre that is all encompassing, but also unique.

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Here are 10 writing prompts to help you make your next project otherworldly

1.) In your world, every person is born with peculiarities that will help them serve a greater purpose in society. You were born with an extra arm. Now that you are preparing to join the workforce, which jobs are you looking into?

2.) Your character is only alive because of a brain chip that keeps his/her heart pumping. Because of rising technology, you character can work, have children and live a normal life. Or is it a normal life?

3.) Your narrator decides to try a virtual reality software that taps into the user’s psyche and creates their ultimate dream reality. But when that software starts to create a nightmare reality instead, how will your narrator escape when he/she is running from his/her own mind.

4.) Finish this conversation

“Are we there yet?”

“We haven’t even passed Pluto, Michael. You must be patient.”

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5.) Scientists have found a way to create a breathable atmosphere around Mars. You and your team have been sent as an experiment to see if a society can thrive there. What you don’t know, is that you are part of a different type of experiment altogether.

6.) Earth ran out of oxygen generations ago. Humans have evolved to survive on an oxygen-less planet, meaning that explorers can travel around on any planet. What will your character discover?

7.) “I saw your future last night My Love . . . “

8.) In a world were humans are created in a tube to weed out any genetic flaws, your character was born the natural way. Instead of being the hero of this story, he/she becomes the villain.

9.) You live in a world where survival is predicated on natural selection. Miraculously, you made the cut. You are the weakest, smallest and most sickly member of your species. So why did the elders allow you to live?

10.) Dear diary,
I have finally stopped time traveling. . .

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Here are some things to consider before embarking on your journey

1.) Know your thesis. Remember Sci-Fi is fiction about science. Your world can use a made-up science, but it still needs to adhere to its own rules and logic. Ask a question and let your story provide an answer.

2.) Do your research. There will always be real information that in some way addresses the question you are trying to answer.

3.) Try something new. Like other genres Sci-Fi takes a look into the human condition. With the rise of new technology, the human condition is always changing.

4.) Have fun!

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