Suffer Not the Little Children: Four Major Myths About Young Adult Fiction

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What is Y/A Fiction?

Young Adult Fiction is a category of fiction written for readers from 12 to 18 years of age.

Four Myths about Y/A Fiction

1.) It’s a genre

As much as people say that Y/A Fiction is a genre, it is not.

Young Adult Fiction is the name given to a category of literature based upon the age-range of its intended audience.

This is not to downgrade Y/A works.

In fact, the Y/A Fiction category is one of the most inclusive ones out there.

You can find Y/A Sci-Fi, Y/A Fantasy, Y/A Romance, and (though this category is a bit controversial) even Y/A Erotic Fiction.

Y/A simply refers to the category of the audience, which will lead us into the next myth: that Y/A Fiction is low-brow.

2.) It’s juvenile

Just because “Young Adult” works cater to a younger audience, does not mean that the story-lines, characterization, motifs, etc. are simplistic.

Y/A authors must adhere to the same rules of writing as any other authors.

The category of “Young Adult” does not give the author licence to fall victim to lazy writing.

  • Cliches are no less acceptable in these works than in other works of literature.
  • The use of sophomoric language is not advisable.

Just because Y/A works are focused toward a younger audience does not mean that the author must “dumb down” their language.

  • Dark topics are not taboo

Teenagers are on the cusp of adulthood. They have the mental fortitude to handle tough topics.

Y/A works are just as much about representing young adult life as they are about preparing its audience for adult life.

3.) It’s literature just for teenagers

Contrary to common belief, almost half of the Y/A audience is composed of adults.

So there!

4.) It’s easy to write

I’ve touched base upon this myth multiple times in this article, but it needed to be notified plainly.

Y/A Fiction is not the lazy writer’s ticket to fame.

Pieces written for this audience require just as much time and effort as any other works of literature.

Are you an aspiring Y/A author?

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