Eight Valid Young Adult Writing Prompts

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We have spent the last few weeks solidifying the best practices for writing Y/A fiction.

It’s time to put it all to the test.

We have put together a short list of Y/A Fiction centered writing prompts for you to try out.

Warning: These prompts are on the darker side. Check back in next week for more prompts.


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1.) A 16-year-old girl has the chance of a lifetime: a 3-month internship over the summer at one of the best medical schools in the country. Just a few nights before she is set to make the trip, she overhears a conversation where she learns that her mother has been diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. The outlook is not promising and the doctors predict that her mother will succumb to her illness in less than 3 months.

2.) A rockstar, straight-A student loses his/her way after the death of his/her mother. With his/her father falling abysmally into alcoholism, this student finds comfort in the after-school study sessions with his/her favorite teacher. The teacher shares his/her experience with addiction and their bond only grows until one day, when their conversations take a salacious turn.

3.) Two BFF’s take a chance and crash a party at the popular kid’s house. Everything seemed to go great, only after the party, one of the friends started to act weirder than usual.

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4.) A student must face the ultimate challenge after his/her best friend commits suicide. Plagued with survivor’s guilt and excruciating grief, this student must decide is he/she should continue high school on the same campus where their friendship had blossomed or move to Florida with his/her father to get a “fresh start.”

5.) Josh was a big hit with the ladies. Only a freshman in college, he has a new f*ck-buddy every week, but none of his conquests are girls from campus. Why? Well, Josh can change his appearance on a whim. He spends his nights going from bar to bar, shifting from face to face, until he scores. What happens when one of these girls guesses his secret?

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6.) Every day since the first day of school, someone has been leaving notes on your homeroom desk. One day you decide to respond and are pulled into a crazy whirlwind of toxicity, friendship, and maybe even a weird sort of affection.

7.) A timid student finds refuge in the branches of a tall tree in the back of the schoolyard. One night, while cooling off from a dispute with his/her parents, he/she accidently witnesses the rape of someone in his/her social circle. He/She knows the culprit too and it’s someone not easily dealt with.

8.) You are 18 and a fresh graduate of high school. While waiting for responses on your numerous job applications, you receive a letter from a woman claiming to be the birth mother who abandoned you as an infant. The woman says she wants to make amends and make up for lost time. You agree to meet her, but something seems slightly… off.

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These prompts are completely open for your use!

Feel free to use the prompts above for your next experiment or masterpiece.

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Do you like one of our prompts, but aren’t sure where to start?

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Happy Writing!

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