How Lit Goes: How I Loved, Moved, and Functioned with My TSDs

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Surfacing the limelight as a passionate writer, my witnesses were: Tenacity, Sincerity, and Devotion (TSD). These core members never left me one-sided. They loved me, followed me, and supported me as keen partners and therefore I am giving this title for their amusement and satisfaction.

The world we live in has always been a frustrating dome, stressful, and full of activities. And this can be more frustrating for a writer who has never bounced into the skies or been graced to supervise or to participate in any school of arts in college or literary society.

Oh! Creativity is always a hard nut to crack during the first quarter-mile of becoming a cornucopian writer. But I never divorced my TSD or changed how I loved, moved, and functioned with them.

I started writing exactly six years ago. My passion for the craft burned like a bushfire in blustery weather. Tenaciously doing what I loved most (even if it was not yielding any physical or monetary benefits), it still fed my cravings.

I loved writing.

I worshipped writing.

I was certain that this was my circle of life. Every time I was about to drop my pen for a break, all I could hear was, “Keep on! Do more!” And then my Devotion sprang in.

Photo by John-Mark Kuznietsov

I had never dedicated my whole life to anything except writing. To suppress the dull moments of my life, I read from different books that resonated with my faculty and devoured the breadcrumbs from page to page, book to book.

I began my writing as a thirsty hobbyist. I was interested and motivated but lacked the monetary accommodations to do anything more with my passion. Still, my TSD still supported my ambition.

Most of my inspiration came from the murky spectacles of challenges. I saw these barriers as a sparring friend to hold hands with. I was a challenge-lover and that amour is what drove my passion to speak my mind and revolt through the lips of writing books.

I knew that my writing would travel, speak, and save one from their tragic story or experience. That’s why most of my colorful works are inspirationally inclined. My writing calls out “Never give up!”

Photo by Taryn Elliott

My TSD has proved to be my yeast for my determination. How I loved, moved, and functioned with my Tenacity, Sincerity, and Devotion among the society of enviable writers has kept playing throughout my life like an endless movie.

Back then, fellows scoffed at my first manuscript and made witty remarks about their disappointments. They mocked my passion as they walked and worked like the animals without any interest in their work.

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Things went awry sometimes which worked to discourage me, but I never wanted to end up like them. I never wanted my TSD to quiet.

So, I decided to write again. And now, I write even harder, plainer, sweeter, than I ever used to do before.

They thought their condescension would break me and force me into the confines of what they deemed socially acceptable. Unbeknownst to them, their negativity only fed my cravings.

The failures, the disapproval, and the struggles kept my passion alive. 

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