How Lit Goes: Our Team and Our Mission

What is How Lit Goes?

How Lit Goes is The Word Count’s youngest blog.

Our articles are focused on the writing journey: the hurdles and obstacles, the failures, and the triumphs that blossom from dedication and growth.

Why Did We Start How Lit Goes?

This blog is maintained with the hope of building a community of writers from all walks of life and in various stages of growth.

We too often consider writing a solitary process, an activity for the shut-ins, a hobby for introverts and something that is to be kept secret until the big reveal of publication.

Because of this seclusion, we often suffer and struggle alone, staring at our notebooks and screens dismayed at the quality of our writing or creatively hampered in writer’s block or stuck in a rut with no direction to plan our growth.

Through the work of our dedicated team of writers, How Lit Goes will allow our readers to see that they are not alone, to see that even great, accomplished writers wrestle with finding their voice, struggle to put words to paper, and fight to overcome the challenges that come along the way.

How Lit Goes blog

Meet our Contributors

Want to become one of our contributors? Send us an email detailing your experience, interests, and goals!

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