How Lit Goes: My First Steps into the Literary Circle

Photo by August de Richelieu

In the beginning of my writing journey, I was a pupil.

My favorite task at school was written expression. Oh God, what a wonderful time I had!

But let me tell you, my passion for writing was mostly empowered by my mother.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto

Unfortunately, at that time I had no internet to learn how to grow as a writer. However, I had friends who proved to be most useful, and helpful in this endeavor.

They gave me a very old dictionary and some other books written in Arabic which helped me a lot.

Apart from school tasks, I used to write short descriptions of nature, of my family, of my favorite places to go, and of my dreams and ambitions.

I see in the sky some things I had never seen before in the blue color
(Photo by Eberhard Grossgasteiger)

There were times when my writing covered sad topics, but for the most part, my writing savored of happiness.

My mom is the one who believed, believes, and will always believe in me more than anyone.

She helped me to take my first steps in writing.

She brought me books, stories, and novels in Arabic and in different languages.

She never gave up on me.

Because of my mother’s support, I’ll be a writer one day.

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