How Lit Goes: Curtain Call – Our Biggest Creative Threats

The Curtain Rises: 

Contextually, the predefined meaning for “threat” used in this article is two standing words­: “intimidation” and “danger.” However, by showing its qualities as affecting two personalities, I will introduce the adjective “big” to the word “threat” and separate the article into two separate parts.

Part one: A Writer’s Biggest Threat

Feeling threatened or insecure as a writer is a gridlock. This fear will stop you whenever you go to write.

In fact, this fear can get so bad sometimes that it turns into a big, crippling mess, a disaster that almost shrinks the pen of a writer.

A writer’s biggest threat is the abandonment of his/her natural mind, notions, psychology, ideology, and identification to draw skills of writing solely from something or somewhere else.

A writer needs to maintain his/her original voice.

Of course, we should learn and grow, but we should never simply mimic others.

A writer should have a good quality of imagination. Thinking is the nucleus of a writer’s mind. Every writer must be readily able to think far and wide out of their social and intellectual circles.

Part 2: A Reader’s Biggest Threat

The biggest threat for both fresh and old readers is assumptions. It is important to remember that making assumptions and having wisdom are not the same.

Assumptions are guesses, and therefore they are not always correct.

For example:

You may discourage yourself from reading a good book because it looks too long. You may assume that it is boring, and you could miss out on a great read.

The Curtain Falls:

To conclude, no matter what you do, you should always be aware of your strengths and weaknesses so you can prepare and avoid more pitfalls.

Happy reading and writing!

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