How Lit Goes: How Lit Happened to Me

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood 

I was supposed to be a high school running back.

Quicker and stronger than your average kid, I could hit pretty hard.

There was a solid group of about ten to twelve kids who could have made my high school team good. At the same time I played with a helmet and shoulder pads, I was playing with shin guards and boots (cleats) as well.

And when the time came to decide what I’d pursue with passion, it was soccer that won out.

I trained for years.

I started playing at the age of 8 and continued to play until 21. That passion and love for the game seemed to evade me no matter how good I got (and I got very good).

I could have gone to North Carolina or San Diego, but even at 18, I was disinterested.

Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to be great. I wanted to do the best. Albany and the capital region raised me.

Photo by Ingo Joseph 

If you’re from here, you aren’t really from just one place.

Colonie, Albany, Burnt Hills, Glenville, Canajoharie, Latham, they are all just another way of saying “Albany,” and that’s why I couldn’t leave.

I watched the Albany soccer team play so many times; how could I abandon a place that was home?

There were D1 schools here just like in Stanford and Alabama.

It might not have been American football or basketball, but D1 soccer is pretty tough, not many can break into it.

These thoughts consumed me every time I was on my home field my freshmen year.

To be honest, my first words to page came early in life, but at no other time had writing started to feel so meaningful than when I was in high school.

I left one craft for another, and I began to fall in love. Writing, becoming an author or content creator (whatever you want to call it) had enraptured me.

Photo by Lum3n

Soon the world’s greatest game was outshined by the world’s greatest medium.

I departed from my soccer-dream after two years of playing in high school.

Literature gave me an opportunity that football could not.

Even so, I know that the life of an author will be infinitely harder than the life I used to live.

Football taught me about the world and the people that live in it. Literature gave (and still gives) me the opportunity to teach the world about me and carve my place into history.

I left one craft for another, and I began to fall in love.

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