How Lit Goes – The Greatest Pleasure Writing has to Offer

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Creation is the most impressive human endeavor; that is what my teachers always told me.

To create and to give rise to the existence of something that was not there previously is a pleasure.

When we create, we build things that reflect us: our morals, our values, our fantasies, and desires, etc.

To me, writing is what makes me feel pleased (more than any of life’s other activities).


Writing is the only activity that allows me to be free from life’s barriers and echoes. I can create my world as I like and reconstruct it at will.

I first published a piece of writing was when I was fourteen years old. There was a local magazine devoted to young writers called ” Toyor Aaljana” which in English means ” Birds of Heaven.”

Anyway, I used to collect information from different sourcebooks, scientific magazines about trees, animals, and about of different people’s lives.

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The first time I submitted a story it was via mail (I preferred the old way and kept that little carte that indicates that my mail arrived).

Oh! God, I miss that feeling.

That was a year of achievements and greatness. I was so proud, and my family was too.

After a few years, I stopped writing for a while to study for my entrance exam. And even after, it was difficult to find time to write.

This really hurt me a lot.

I tried to bring back that great, creative soul but found out that it did not exist anymore (or at least so I thought).

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Last summer I found a light at the end of the tunnel.

We Write you Read magazine published one of my pieces called “Hope.”

The story was about a girl who was lost and mistreated at college. While reading quotes, she found the motivation to fight and to prove her worth to herself to everyone who underestimated her efforts and her power.

This publication reinvigorated me.

I am still writing to this day.

I’m actually working on a new novella about a boy who wished he could be ordinary.

It’s been a fun journey, and I’ve learned so much since I decided to pick up the pen again.

Now, writing is not just an interest; I truly want it…

“”And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

— Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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  1. Elizabeth Tajima

    I am so pleased for the opportunity to read this essay by Ms Ghedjati that goes beyond many short but very welcomed messages we exchange in Facebook. She writes with a power and passion that will change our world for the better–as she has already changed mine. Thank you, The Word Count and Maroua Ghedjati!

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