How Lit Goes – The Right to Write

A blind woman taught me that what really matters is the people. The people at the top all the way to the people who find themselves pushed against the bottom.

My novel Depths of Despair, explores this socioeconomic theme.

Literature will always be a conversation, a community of writers and readers centered around the same story or message.

This was a school of thought I had not given much thought to when I was first starting out.

I spent my time writing poetry for the first few months into my budding career, poems that read like stories and were paced as quickly as I wanted.

Each word was chosen deliberately but lacked real depth. As good as the story was, for me it lacked message.

Each book in the series is a dive into the lives of the characters that make up a community of supernatural ghost-hunters. The community in my world lives alongside our reality and is set in locations around the United States.

The point of the book is to focus on individual characters and to give them as much meaning as they deserve.

When months passed and I decided to turn from poetry into novel-writing, a level of uncertainty existed.

This wasn’t a forum I felt confident in, so I returned to the basics.


My protagonists Alice Carter and Elise Graham are “Grim Reapers” tasked with defending the earth from the supernatural.

Elise gave up the life when her mother died as opposed to Alice, who is consumed by the world of Grim Reapers.

In an epic-style journey, the first book in the series focuses on Elise’s journey to the after life, meeting the angel Lucifer and being granted permission to return home.

In the meantime, Alice grows older and decidedly becomes the leader of the Grim Reapers. That power comes with responsibilities which she doesn’t care for and she must learn to deal with change.

This story is how I chose be a part of the “conversation”.

Alice Carter and Elise Graham (the stars of the first book) came into existence in 2019 having both just lost their mothers.

The lessons we learn through our first writing experiences become the most vital, molding our inner voice to our liking.

The most important words of encouragement that I can offer is, you can do this.

Writing is a freeing experience.

Writing allows you to mold and craft a story to present the messages that you think are important.

The secret is that you have the right to tell any story you decide to put down.

This kind of private ownership is rare, and it leads to the second and final lesson I have come across through my experiences so far.

This industry is not just about the money.

My father told me that when someone says it isn’t about the money, you know it’s all about the money

When I started this project, I had visions of awards and best-sellers lists and now I don’t want any of that.

My characters deserve more than currency. They deserve respect.

I want their story to be told and I want it to be told right.

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