How Lit Goes: a Time to Write, a Time to Observe, a Time to Listen, and a Time to Create.

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Writer’s block is a unique and common challenge that every writer faces.

These blocks can happen for any number of reasons.

The best way to understand writer’s block is by accepting that it is different for every person.

Part of what makes the subject so difficult to overcome is that there is no unique answer to this unique problem.

With that understanding in mind, being able to accept writer’s block for what it is, becomes the first step.

First, you must identify what is stopping you from creating.

This is can be difficult at first.

As a creator you have an innate nature to do. So, when you can’t “do” it becomes difficult to handle. It’s a battle within your personality where one side is not allowing the other to do as it pleases.

Most of the time this will boil down to the essentials. Your mind and body working in unison.

Eating and sleeping at regular times, giving yourself down time, etc.

The mind is engaged and active when it feels nurtured.

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A routine is the next thing you should establish.

I wouldn’t say you have to plan out when you will (or have to) write.

You should leave times in your schedule where you might write, giving yourself some options.

More often than not, you will find yourself writing only when the rest of the routine is in order.

Exercise, diet, and taking time to relax are vital steps. Relaxation and leisure time are just as important as the handwork you put in.

Putting the body through the stress of writing an emotional piece should be followed by rest that lets the body heal.

My personal attempts to overcome writers block are not perfect. They have done me well though, so, if they can help you, I’m happy to have shared.

Candles are an important part of my process for this challenge.

To write I feel like I must be in a particular state. To get to that place where my mind is ready, I find it useful to use smell.

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The sense of smell is supposed to be strong enough to bring back memories. If it can bring you to a place of your story world, I believe it can be effective.

I like to light different scented candles depending on which piece or chapter I am working on.

Music can work much the same way.

Using music to inspire my creativity started when I noticed that hearing different sounds throughout the city helped me to think.

At times I would walk through Albany for no other reason than to take in the sounds it had to offer. With these sounds, ideas and words came together and helped me break through my blocks.

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Now, I use music and allow these artists to help me to create again. I believe that some musicians know that their sounds are used by other creators.

With music you can listen to it aloud or directly through head phones, achieving two different effects.

At one point I hated having noise so close to my thought center, anymore that has changed.

Headphones with music that I can easily change or listen to on repeat allows me to maintain an emotion or thought.

Being able to remember these feelings and use them again is my challenge to the artist.

Music inspires emotions and it can create a soundtrack to any image you want to paint.

However, the day is long and being able to listen to music all day is a luxury not everyone has. This is why I also use the clock to break through my blocks.

On all my devices the clocks are formatted to the 24hr setting. This allows me to see every passing hour as unique. Not duplicated and dispensable as the am/pm format suggests.

Currently I have only gotten the technique to work for one time. That time is deeply important to me 11:11, because it’s supposed to be a time to make a wish.

That’s why I make the same wish every time I catch the time. A literary wish and most of the time I find myself at least thinking about my manuscript.

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Your writing should be poetic, all the way down to your process.

This is what should matter to you, giving yourself the respect, you deserve as a writer, allowing yourself to push through writer’s block and produce a wonderful story.

And when all else fails you always have the option to quit.

We put such a negative connation with the word. Well, I challenge that.

So, what if you quit?

You can stop whenever you’d like, and no one should look at you differently for it.

You can always come back to your work.

If the story is meant to be, you will write it when you’re ready.


Without times of being stuck you’d never know when you are moving forward.

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