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Self-reflection gives us the ability to give meaning to all of the things we do in our lives.

This includes writing.

Self-examination is important because it helps to develop our learning and our skills and reminds us that we cannot carry on in the same ways that we have before.

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As a writer, I must say that from time to time I question myself to see how I can grow.

What are my weaknesses?

(I ask this question more than I ponder my strengths because I am not a native English speaker)

I know that I need to constantly develop and reevaluate my skills in the English language.

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As I write, I noticed many flaws, but this year, I want to focus on lexicology.

I know various expressions that can be used to describe something, however, when I write, I tend to use very simple and common English expressions.

I use the same words numerous times (even though somewhere in my mind I know synonyms and other expressions that could make my style better).

I need to work on evolving past this “comfortable place” or I’ll never advance as a writer.

I read somewhere (I can’t remember where) that the peak of language acquisition is when a person can show that he/she is able to use what was once a foreign language throughout his/her own writing style.

You can tell a writer’s comfort with a language by the way he/she runs the language and plays with words, synonyms, phrases, etc.

I decided to develop this skill this year because (as I mentioned in a previous article) I am writing a novella.

If I do not grow more comfortable writing in English, this novella will not see the light of day.

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I want my writing to be unforgettable, so I reflect, reevaluate, and redevelop.

To get better, of course, I must plan.

Reading is one of the best methods to use if you want to start redefining your writing style.

I have been told to read critically and observe the way that other writers tell their stories: how they describe characters, narrate events, write dialogue, etc.

By doing this type of research, I can pick out new tactics to try and new elements to mimic until I have created my own style, my own voice.

Reading is the best way for me to learn (as I was a linguistic student). I studied the scientific study of languages.

My studies taught me the general mechanics of the English language, but now it’s time to build on that foundation to create a style that is all my own.

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