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A. Isabelle Amezcua

A. Isabelle Amezcua is a voracious bookhound who constantly seeks new books, poems, writers and other prose to consume.

Born in Washington D.C., raised in California and educated in Oregon, she is now back on the East Coast.

She got her B.A. in Philosophy and History at the University of Oregon and is in progress to further her literary education via librarianship.

“Writing stories is a kind of magic, too.” ― Cornelia Funke, Inkheart

Aria Jade

Aria Jade is from Utah in the beautiful Mountain West region of the United States. She began her storytelling journey as a child.

With four daughters, she loves writing stories that champion female empowerment without denigrating men.

“I don’t have to try to write, I just tell the stories as they come to me without annoying the characters.”

Cordelia Bloom

Cordelia Bloom fell in love with writing the moment she realized she could channel all her emotions into words, whilst also transforming them into stories.

“Books have allowed me to travel all over the world and they continue to inspire me in believing how beautiful life can be.”

Dominic Echezona Mmakor

Dominic Echezona Mmakor is a writer of prose (narrative fiction and nonfiction), a dramatist, a poet, and essayist.

Dominic is inspired by novels, poetic vices, plays, autobiographies, and anthropologies.

“I was definitely one who feared pen and paper before I became a booklover and a mad reader.

Hategekimana Thérence

Hategekimana Thérence was born in Burundi in 1993.

While at University, he discovered a writing prize called the Rumuri Literary Prize which inspired him to pursue writing.

“I prefer writing fiction because it’s where I feel the most free to use euphemisms in order to express my feelings and accurately showcase my environment.”

Linda Miller

Linda Miller has been an avid reader since the 3rd grade (which was decades ago by her account).

She loves living vicariously through the characters she meets and relishes in the diversity of stories and styles of communicating.

“Reading gives me the freedom to explore new experiences without leaving my chair. “

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

Melchisédeck Boshirwa

Melchisédeck Boshirwa is a young writer, (slam) poet and journalist. He is known under his shortened name of Melcky Boshir.

He started writing poetry in 2011. His piece of theater entitled Un père honteux (A Shameful Father) was awarded at “Palais des Arts et de la Culture” (the Palace of Arts and Culture) on July 3rd, 2014. Melcky was among the top five laureates who were selected during this national competition.

Now, Melchisédeck Boshirwa works as an online journalist (writing articles in French and English) for

Don’t listen to the naysayers, even when they seem to be like the soothsayers. Follow your dreams and never forget that passion pays.”

Maroua Ghedjati

Maroua Ghedjati is an EFL teacher, a writer, and a Podcaster.

She loves writing, and started when she was 12 years old.

“I like to write inspirational stories with child protagonists.”

Owen Fingar

Raised and educated in the capital region Owen calls Albany, NY home.

In 2018, he began writing a fictional action series centering around women and ghosts.

“As an English and Political Science student, I pride myself on the form of my work and maintaining a strong moral belief system ingrained in what I share. “

Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor is a writer from a small town in Wisconsin where the closest adventure is the one you write in your mind.

Sarah is inspired by the human condition. She writes prose, poetry, and novels that explore the similarities of the human experience despite our different circumstances.

“Writing is the deep distraction that satisfies and maligns reality with vivid colors, hope, and the stories however strange.”

Troy Norton

Troy Norton (he, him, his) is a freelance writer who has been pushing pen to pad since his middle school days.

His writing has explored a variety of mediums, including fictional, journalistic,
and academic.

These days, he enjoys writing on mental health and exploration of self, while
also having a knack for sharp, witty dialogue.

“When I’m not writing, I enjoy reading, working out, and watching WWE”

Tyler Toredo

Tyler Toredo is from South Africa. His love for writing started at the tender age of 9.

He first found his passion for story-telling from watching international romance and mystery films

“I decided on writing Gothic Fiction when I turned 16. It was new and exciting for me and I eventually fell in love with it.”

Tyler is now 27 years old and continues to write fiction.

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