A Fresh Start

I did it!

Today I officially erased The Word Count of old to begin a new journey. After just shedding such a heavy burden, I’m not yet inclined to discuss the nuances of how The Word Count (as it was) crumbled. Suffice it to say that I needed a change.

In any case, what The Word Count is or will become I no longer have a perfect answer for. Right now, the primary purpose of this journal is to aid with my mental health, so I am not forcing myself into a set schedule of publications, themes, marketing, target audiences (and other foul words). I don’t intend to follow any rules this go around (if I am feeling brave enough, I might even break a few).

Fie upon the system!

As a writer, I of course, wanted to provide you with a more traditional and clear introduction, but I started to overthink it all. So, this is all I have in me to offer today.

It’s not great, but it’s a start.

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