Brightside by Mark Tullius

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Telepaths around the nation are herded together and sent to Brightside, a beautiful mountain town. They are told that they will be safe there, as long as they agree to follow the rules and stay put. But for telepath Joe Nolan, that is easier said than done. He has a dark secret, one that he has been fighting to keep, and one that he is in danger of divulging in a town where everyone knows what everyone is thinking.

The author grabbed me at “Imagine if you knew every dark thought people had about you.” Joe, the principal character, spoke as if in private conversation. Flashbacks told his story. It was a roller coaster ride through his own personal hell. His mother, the town whore and his father who understood his struggle, but was weak.

Joe captured the misery, heartbreak, humor and advantages of growing up a telepath. He spoke of his friends through their own struggles with prejudice. Conflict surrounds them all. Joe becomes a hero with a strong resolve for change. He is a flawed character so I felt empathy rather than disdain for his actions.

This story was so fast-paced, I couldn’t stop reading until I knew whether everyone was safe. For me it was a total escape from reality. 

It was clear to me by the ending that there would be more to follow. I look forward to the sequel!

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