Found This Lil Guy in My Drafts

It has taken exactly 57 days to develop the courage to open my WordPress dashboard again… But now that I’m here, I feel at home.


Compared to the length of my last depressive episode, I dare say I have improved.

I even managed to keep up on my journaling and write an article or two for my “Confessions” (though they still remain solely in one of my tattered notebooks).

One day I will procrastinate on a larger project by finally typing up those little bursts of motivation. For now, though, I will bask in the warmth of the familiar.

And the next day…

Welcome home.

Ah, and what a “welcome back” I have received!

My computer did not squabble with me for abandoning it for so long, my desktop loaded swiftly, and I was not greeted by a wave of necessary upgrades.

This experience has been so pleasant in fact, that I do not flinch upon the prospect of picking this up again tomorrow.

And the next day…

I found myself halted at another crossroad while I was gone.

One direction was the familiar trail of writing and throwing myself completely into my work on here. It’s a path of many perils, but I’ve been part of the way before. Overcoming the challenges I faced along the way gave me a great sense of satisfaction, though progress was often achingly slow.

The other direction led down a smoother path, a path well-trodden. I’d gone down that road before too. What I gained in stability and routine, I lost in interest and direction.

I found that I could walk a great deal further on this path, but I didn’t seem to be getting any closer to my destination. Eventually, I even forgot what I wanted.

But today, I remembered.

Today, The Word Count has a taste of life again… and so do I.

Because every word counts

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