My Soul to Give by M. A. Fréchette

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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Fatally wounded, Celina is found and saved by a demon in the woods. The price? Her eternal soul and her morality. She doesn’t know why Mekaisto chose her of all people to save, but she has been afforded a second chance. Mekaisto saved her life and offered to help her hunt down the men that murdered her husband so she can take revenge, but as Celina digs deeper and deeper into her lost love’s past, she begins to question who the real monster is.

My Soul to Give (book 1 of A Demon’s Love series) initially toys with a few very interesting psychological concepts. After seeing her husband murdered, Celina is offered the opportunity to avenge her husband’s death in exchange for her soul. The catch is that she must kill the people who murdered her husband with her own hands. We as readers get to witness the “goody-two-shoes” materialize into a blood-thirsty vindictive character. Almost. 

Celina is incredibly interesting as a character in that her trade with Mekaisto is not the stereotypical fall-from-grace moment that we are accustomed to witnessing. Her sacrifice (the eternal loss of her soul) is poignantly selfless. Celina even maintains this swaying purity throughout the entire book. It is Celina’s characterization that swayed me to give this piece 3 out of 5 stars.

The remaining two stars are lost predominantly because of the pacing of the story. We spend a great many pages witnessing scenes where Mekaisto tell Celina to stay somewhere until he returns, she disobeys him and almost dies, but he swoops in at the last moment to save her. These compelling and thrilling scenes grew stale with the ceaseless repetition. The plot also begins to fall apart in a chaotic frenzy the more and more the mystery is developed. There are many false twists and turns that all hint at a larger upheaval that is thrust upon us at the end of the work to entice us to buy the second. Plenty of chapters gave me the impression that the story was falling to pieces with every attempt to hide the larger truth.

That being said, M.A. Fréchette does craft a wonderful amount of suspense that will have you ready to read every book in her series to sate your curiosity. This ability to keep her reader engaged, made My Soul to Give a page-turner and an otherwise pleasurable read. 

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