Dangerous Deviance (Book I: The Adler Brothers Mafia Series) by Audrey Rush

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Dangerous Deviance by Audrey Rush follows the youngest son of a mafia boss. Wil and his brothers are devoted to the family business. When Ellie enters his life, Wil feels that something wasn’t quite right. Ellie is stunning, witty, and strong, but she remembers little of her past and claims to know nothing about how she came to be on one of their family’s innermost territories. The connection that blossoms between Wil and Ellie helps them stay grounded and navigate the sinister mystery evolving around them.

In my journey through the pages of this captivating first book of the Adler Brother Mafia Series, I found myself immersed in a world filled with passion and danger. However, I must admit that the romantic subplot between Wil and Ellie didn’t quite reach the depths I had hoped for. These characters possess a potential for a profound connection, and it would have been an absolute delight to witness more of the softer side of their relationship outside of their individual trauma. I hope to see Rush develop more layers of their romance in the next installments of the series.

As an avid reader, I appreciate the inclusion of trigger warnings, and Audrey Rush has diligently incorporated them within the intricate tapestry of Wil and Ellie’s love story. Their romance is undoubtedly entangled with the darker aspects of the plot, reflecting the gritty nature of the mafia world. Nevertheless, as I turned each page, yearning for the romance, I couldn’t help but crave a stronger emphasis on the tender and delicate moments between Wil and Ellie. Such glimpses of vulnerability and affection could have beautifully offset the weightier themes in the narrative, offering a much-needed balance and amplifying the emotional impact of their bond.

But the shining star of Dangerous Deviance is the development of the mystery. Rush cultivates a plot full of seductive suspense with thrilling subversions and clever twists. My favorite element contributing to the success of Audrey Rush’s suspense-building is found in Ellie’s point of view. As she teeters with her memory and her instincts, Ellie consults with an inner voice that acts as an additional narrative character. This voice allows the reader to experience the same uncertainty, mistrust, and fear that Ellie experiences as she desperately tries to put together the pieces of her life. This storytelling technique held me captive to the plot and kept me delightfully off balance.

In conclusion, “Dangerous Deviance” is a riveting introduction to the Adler Brother Mafia Series, transporting readers into a world of passion, danger, and intricate mysteries. While the romantic subplot could have reached greater depths, the allure of the suspenseful narrative and the innovative storytelling techniques employed by Audrey Rush make this book an engaging read. I eagerly anticipate future installments in the series, hoping to witness the growth of the characters’ relationships, the delicate interplay of romance, and the same meticulous attention to suspense.

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