Night’s Illusion by Amanda Ashley

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I’m an avid fan of vampire romance novels, so when I discovered “Night’s Illusion” by Amanda Ashley, I couldn’t wait to dive into it. This author captivated me with another vampire romance book during a time when I was exploring a transition away from fantasy genres. It was that early experience that ignited my love for vampire romances and awakened the inner romantic that has led me here. In comparison to that monumental experience, Night’s Illusion was underwhelming, but still a blast to read and review!

One aspect of the book that truly stood out for me was the portrayal of the mortal protagonist, Cassie Douglas. Cassie was the product of an unhealthy relationship. Her unstable childhood led to a tumultuous transition to adulthood. So when she met Giovanni, Cassie appreciated his kindness, thoughtfulness, and protectiveness. When she discovered that her new flame was an ancient vampire, she toiled over the practicality of the relationship and came to her decision with more reason than one would anticipate.

Throughout the story, however, I found myself grappling with my opinion on the effectiveness of the chemistry between Cassie and Giovanni. At times, their romance felt forced, with the characters merely claiming to be drawn to each other. In the beginning stages of their relationship, there were times when the romance felt forced. The characters claim to be drawn to one another, but the reader only gets to experience that through the dialogue. While reading, I intermittently felt like the character chemistry between Cassie and Giovanni only existed when they vocalized it. The closest I came to believing they had a connection was during the spicy scenes. I enjoy romance novels that develop intimacy beyond the characters’ physical connection, so the romance depicted in Night’s Illusion fell short of my tastes.

Another area that left me wanting more was the depiction of conflict in the book. The main threat to Giovanni and Cassie’s love and happiness is the vampire who sired Giovanni (who is characterized as being equally ancient and dangerously powerful). Yet, as readers, we experience an absurdly inept bad guy who makes obvious choices and approaches his goals with the flimsy logic of an impulsive toddler. This proved both disappointing and infuriating, especially considering his promising introduction. As someone who appreciates well-crafted villains, this was extra disappointing.

On the flip side, a standout character named Mara, a badass side character and the Queen of the Vampires, breathed life into the narrative. Her interactions with her lover, Logan, were a highlight, showcasing a love built on respect and understanding.

While Night’s Illusion by Amanda Ashley did not quite reach the heights of my expectations, it still provided an entertaining read. Cassie’s character development and the fiery chemistry between the protagonists had their moments of brilliance, albeit not consistently. The conflict in the story, unfortunately, fell short in terms of suspense and the portrayal of a compelling antagonist. However, the presence of the remarkable side characters, Mara and Logan, injected a sense of depth and passion into the narrative. Overall, Night’s Illusion is a decent vampire romance novel that offers moments of enjoyment and escapism for other fans of the genre.

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